Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 11/60: St. Louis to Indianapolis

Wednesday, 9/19:  243 mi, I-70

Getting out of St. Louis was tough because there was extensive road construction along the whole route, and 65% of I-70 on our route was under construction.

When we got into our motel, the garments I had left in Denver were waiting at the desk. Terrific!

That night we both had dinner at the Greek Islands Restaurant. Located in an old wooden house painted blue and white, this place is a relic in a neighborhood of highways, warehouses, and a sports stadium. The food is authentic. Dan loved his moussaka. My dish—can't spell it, the one with spinach and cheese in a flaky crust—was odd, but okay.

Our motel had sort of a weird location. It is between two one way streets, both of them moving very fast on or off the freeway. Noise from the freeway is bothersome at night. The window looks out on the staging area for Lucas Oil Stadium, a new traditional brick building. Very unfriendly area, but the property is good and the people are friendly.

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