Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 1/60: Sunnyvale to Fernley, NV

Sunday, 9/9: 284 miles, I-80

We made it to Fernley!
Departure Sunnyvale, 11:50; arrival Fernley, 5:10
Clear blue skies most of the way; wind buffeted the car
Mileage 27.4, with AC on auto, speeds around 80+; much better than Dodge
Cost of day's driving $44
Climate control is superior to Dodge; we like 'auto' which also improves mileage
Pleasant day's driving
Both ate dinner at China Chef: chicken w vegetables; pretty good; chat with young waiters
Several Mexican restaurants in town; that's about it
Trains roared dully in wee hours
Scrambled eggs for breakfast

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