Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 35/60: Portland to Rockport

We left Portland about 11:00. The sky was clear; the air was cold, really cold. The scenery was very pretty as we crossed several waterways.

As a way of enjoying the coastal scenery, we made a side trip to Boothbay Harbor for lunch. We spent a few days there in 1997; we recall it fondly because we saw the aurora borealis there, standing on a footbridge across the bay with many other bundled-up gawkers.

Boothbay Harbor
Dan's photo
 This time we had lunch at the Tug Boat Inn, because their parking lot had good views of the harbor. The restaurant was built into the side of an old tug boat, and much expanded. We both had grilled haddock, not deep-fried; excellent light taste. Side dish was fresh-cut zucchini, steamed just right and served in butter sauce. Excellent meal. Pretty good service as well.

Tug Boat Inn
Dan's photo

Afterward we took some photos from the parking lot, then walked up the street where we could observe activity at a boat building yard. They were restoring an antique 3-masted schooner and repairing an emergency craft.

Schooner being restored in boat yard
Dan's photo
We got a few shots from the lawn of a hotel with a perfect view of the harbor.

Dan's photo
  Then we drove around to the other side of town and walked a ways on the footbridge.

Dan's photo
We got into our motel around 4:00. Hard entrance. Small, second floor room with only a wooden outdoor staircase. Much baggage to lug upstairs. Way, way too cold to be outside. Electric heat slow to work.

Dinner 2 miles away at Offshore Restaurant. Dan had a fabulous steak. My hamburger pattie was also exceptionally good. The side dishes were all excellent. Service was very quick and friendly.

Our crummy little motel is packed. What are all these people doing running around in the freezing cold? Leaf peeping. Personally, I think coming this far north this time of year was a mistake. Dan, usually the grumbler, is taking it all in a good spirit.

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